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Take a look at this...
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As you can see children obesity and overweight affect developing countries as well as developed countries. A non well-balanced diet is one of the reasons. But, what's the problem?
Here you have the answer:

I live in Lleida now, and I know there are different programs for children where they can loose weight. One of them is called "NEREU". They learn new habits, how to have a healthy diet and how to do exercise to be healthy (always enjoying the process). 
Our pediatrics suggest children in risk and their families to start NEREU program.

I remember when I was in my practices in Pediatrics, there were a mother with her son; she said they will go to Nereu, bla bla bla... but the doctor explained me later that it was always the same: "they said "yes", but they never go...". I remember the son really needed to loose weight, his feet were flat because of this, that means his back will have some problems too... even the mother needed.

And I can't help but wonder... was it because the mother didn't accept she was obese?  Are people aware about the problems of obesity?

If you want to check, here you have Nereu's program website:


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