domingo, 3 de febrero de 2013


Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me: "Does meat put me on weight?"...

This is not a question to answer "yes" or "not"!! As the spanish song called "Depende" (depend on), from Jarabe de Palo (if you want to look for it in youtube ;), says: "todo depende" (something like "everything depends on")!

First of all, it depends on which KIND OF MEAT you eat. This is because there are different kind of fat, you can find satured and non-satured fat acids. I'm sure you know something about omega-3, or about trans fat, don't you?
So, this means that it depends on the QUALITY of the meat. Not only about the type of fat the meat contains, it also depends on where do you buy this meat (market, supermarket, mall or in a butcher's shop). 

Secondly, it depends on your all DIET. I mean, if you are healthy and you eat a well-balanced diet, you can eat everything in moderation. If you read my blog, you know that I stand up for this!

In the third place, it depends on the CONSUME. Imagine that you eat a lot and your live is a sedentary live. Your body will "accumulate" this "energy" that you don't use. So, I can also say: it depends on the QUANTITY you eat! 

Fourth... it depends on your METABOLISM. There are people whom metabolism is faster that other people. This means that you will consume the glucose, lipids, proteins... faster or slower. I cannot explain more about that because I feel I need more information to do it ;)

Fifth: it depends on the CULINARY TECHNIQUE. You can use the oven or you can fry. The last one is a culinary technique which use a lot of oil, not the first one. Or you can use the "al papillote" technique (I'll show you how to do it in another post).

So, I cannot say "this food put me on weight". It's not just this specific food!! Of course, there are high, medium and low-caloric value food, this is a fact. But be sure that...  no, no! I encourage you to answer the question: "does meat put me on weight?"... You can use another food, not just meat...

And remember, first of all, HEALTH.

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