viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012


Good moment to eat different kind of seasonal fruits and vegetables (take advantage of them because Holidays will arrive in a while and I know you'll eat greasy food, won't you?? ;)

First of all, you should know I'm "talking" about seasonal fruits and vegetables in Spain in general, ok?? Now, I can start ;)

You can find MUSHROOMS. Besides, here, we use to go to the forest to pick them, fun activity, you should try it!

ARTICHOKE: rich in fiber and A vitamin.
COULIFLOWER: c vitamin and folic acid (*).
ZUCCHINI: folic acid, A and C vitamin.
SPINACH: calcium, potassium and, overall, folic acid and A vitamin.
ENDIVE: acid folic and A vitamin.
SWEET POTATO: high quantity of A vitamin, carbohydrates and calories (you should thing that it's a vegetable so "high quantity" is not as much as you can find in a greasy food, for example. I mean, if you have a well-balanced diet you can eat some high-calories or greasy or sweet food moderately, of course. It isn't bad for your health. A non-balanced diet is what damages your health. This would be other post!).
ONION, TURNIP, CELERY: they contain a "mix of all".
Be aware: these all vegetables above contain different quantity of calcium potassium and other minerals, besides they contain variety of vitamins (different quantity), fiber and water. I've just wrote above the vitamin or mineral that each one contain most.

About fruits: it's good moment to eat CITRUS, in general, and MANDARIN, specifically. It's also good time to add GRAPES in your diet. They provide C and A vitamin, water and fiber; equally they provide other minerals and vitamins, less proportion.

An interesting link here about C VITAMIN (smokers: especially for you!):


(*) Folic Acid (B9 vitamin): if you are pregnant it's important for you and especially for your future baby. He or She needs it to develop his or her nervous system correctly.

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